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Que faire lorsque le pilote Huion montre l'appareil débranché?

Vous avez rencontré un problème de déconnexion de périphérique lors de l'utilisation des produits Huion mais vous ne savez pas comment le résoudre? Ne vous inquiétez pas! Ce tutoriel vous aidera.


Méthode 1. Désinstaller et réinstaller le pilote

1) Désinstallation du conducteur. Pour Windows, veuillez vérifierTrois méthodes pour désinstaller les pilotes Huion de Windows 7 pour désinstaller correctement le pilote et pour Mac, veuillez vérifierComment désinstaller correctement le pilote HUION MAC V13 ou V14.

2) Débranchez et rebranchez le câble USB. Veuillez vérifier si le curseur fonctionne correctement sans installer le pilote. Si le curseur fonctionne normalement, cela signifie que le matériel n'a aucun problème.

3) Réinstallez le pilote. Si le matériel n'a pas de problème, veuillez vérifier si vous avez installé le pilote correctement. Vous pouvez visiter notre site officiel(https://www.huion.com/download) pour télécharger le pilote correspondant à votre tablette graphique et réinstaller le pilote. Pour savoir comment installer correctement le pilote sous Windows, veuillez consulter Comment installer les pilotes Huion sous Windows.  Pour savoir comment installer correctement le pilote sur Mac, veuillez vérifier Solution aux problèmes d'installation sous Mac Mojave.


Méthode 2. Utilisez un autre câble USB pour tester.

Si les deux méthodes ci-dessus ne fonctionnent pas, veuillez vérifier si le câble USB est endommagé. Veuillez utiliser un autre câble USB pour tester et voir s'il fonctionnera ou non.


Méthode 3. Utilisez un autre ordinateur pour tester.

Si vous avez installé correctement le pilote sans aucun problème mais que le problème persiste, veuillez utiliser un autre ordinateur pour le tester. S'il fonctionne sur un autre ordinateur, il est possible que le système informatique précédent ne dispose pas de certains composants qui ont empêché le pilote de se connecter.


Si vous avez essayé toutes les méthodes mentionnées ci-dessus, mais que le périphérique est toujours déconnecté et que le stylet ne bouge pas après la désinstallation du pilote, il est possible que le port de la tablette graphique soit endommagé ou que la tablette graphique elle-même le soit. Si c'est le cas, veuillez communiquer avec notre personnel de service à service@huion.com pour obtenir de l'aide supplémentaire.

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  1. Byron Baker

    I have a Gt221pro hooked to a PC running Windows 10.  The tablet worked fine for a little over a year, then yesterday it no longer is seen by my PC as a drawing tablet.  The monitor works as a 2nd screen, but the driver software says "Device Disconnected".  I removed the driver, rebooted and installed new drivers.  Same issue.  Then I repeated and installed older drivers from the website, same issue.  I tried a new cable, different USB port, Windows updates, etc. etc.  I even hooked it up to my daughter's laptop, with the same problem.  Now I have an overpriced 22" monitor on my desk.  Has anyone found a solution, or am I stuck with a brick?  Sorry I am just super frustrated.

  2. Abe Kinney

     Hi,I was panicking because I saw no solutions but just fixed mine. My set up is a new Macbook Pro 16 running Catalina and a new Huion Kamvas 22 Pro. I hope this helps you:

    It seems that the Macbook has problems running the display and the pen at the same time. I had a Wacom years ago that was like this. I think this is related to the USB-C on the new Macs that require a dongle. **Both cables used below were the ones received with the tablet. 

    The fix: 

    Using a dongle hub (link to my dongle hub below) use 2 of the Huion cables - connect HDMI and USB and then the USB-C dongle to the Mac. I did not have to reinstall the drivers and verified I had Huion checked in accessibility check and Huion was there but TabletDriverAgent was not. I turned the monitor on and off and restart the Huion software. I started and restarted the software pen to the screen on the desktop and Photoshop - the pen worked but not pressure. I started and restarted the Huion program, checked connection and as soon as I touched BOTH sides of the pen (eraser last) the pop up saying TabletDriverAgent needed permissions. I opened accessibility and TabletDriverAgent was now there - I check it and immediately the pressure sensitivity now works. 

    * The directions are a bit sloppy because I don't know at what point after adding the 2nd cable (USB) to the set up it fixed the issue. It may have been restart the software, monitor or touching the pen to the table that made the Mac recognize the pens and add it to Accessibility. 


  3. Aaron Dewberry

    please fix your links. they are all broken

  4. Welcome Name

    Method 1, 2nd one helped me fix my Tablet, thank you so much :)

  5. Emilien Bezie

    impossible de connecter l'appareil, problème redondant pour pas mal de vos clients, merci du cadeau

  6. Omar Sassi

    Ho provato tutto. Ho anche instllato e disinstallato tutte le vecchie versioni.ma ogni volta che apro il programma huion tablet mi dà dispositivo disconnesso.

  7. lilpixel

    Was setting up my tablet recently for the first time in a while, installed the latest drivers from Huion and it wasn't working. My computer wouldn't detect it as a tablet. Uninstalled the drivers, then downloaded the previous version (you can download up to 3 on the website https://www.huion.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=16&myform=2&down_title1=GT-220%20V2(8192)&down_os=Windows&down_type=Driver and it worked first time. Hope this helps someone out there!

  8. Chris Stewart

    Unplug it and plug it back in; turn it off and turn it back on, uninstall it and reinstall it...  Okay I guess that is basic support for people that try nothing at all to fix it themselves.  Where do people go when we've tried all the simple stuff and still have this problem?

  9. Merve Mumcu

    I repeatedly followed this tutorial and others on the support and it did not help me at all. I use the gt-220 v2 and out of the blue, it stopped working. the screen still works as a screen but it is still shown to be disconnected and the pen will not work. I checked if the issue was with the pen I was using and tested it out with a spare pen, sadly no results.
    I hope there will be an updated driver to fix this issue.

  10. Connor Ferrell

    This article did not help me at all, I did all those things and device disconnected is still there. 

    The only difference between when it worked and now is it being off for a few hours.