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What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected?

Encountered a Device disconnected problem when using Huion products but don't know how to fix it? Don't worry! This tutorial will help you.



Method 1. Uninstall and reinstall the driver

1) Uninstalling the driver. For windows, please check Three Methods to Uninstall Huion Drivers from Windows 7 to uninstall the driver properly and for Mac, please check How to Uninstall the HUION MAC Driver V13 or V14 Properly.

2) Unplug and Replug the USB cable. Please check if the cursor is working properly without installing the driver. If the cursor works normally, that means the hardware has no problem.

3) Reinstall the driver. If the hardware has no problem, please check if you have installed the driver correctly. You can visit our official website ( to download the corresponding driver for your graphic tablet and reinstall the driver. On how to install the driver properly on Windows, please check How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows?.  On how to install the driver properly on Mac, please check Solution to the Installation Problems under Mac Mojave.


Method 2. Use another USB cable to test.

If the above two methods won't work, please check if the USB cable is damaged. Please use another USB cable to test and see if it will work or not.


Method 3. Use another computer to test. 

If you have installed the driver properly without any issue but the problem still persists, please use another computer to test. If it works on another computer, it is possible that the previous computer system lacks some components which caused the driver to fail to connect.


If you have tried all the methods mentioned above but it still shows Device disconnected and the pen won't move after uninstalling the driver, then it might be possible that the port of the graphic tablet is damaged or the graphic tablet itself is damaged. If so, please contact our service staff at for further assistance.

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  1. Chris Lockwood

    I bought the Kamvas Pro 16 to use with my Dell XPS 15 and have tried the steps that I can to try to get the device to connect. Unfortunately, some of these solutions suggest using a different USB or HDMI Cable. I cannot do that because the Kamvas Pro 16 uses a special cable that has three cables (USB, HDMI, Power) that  connect to the Power supply and laptop, and all feed into a single cable (USB-C) that connects to the Pen Display. All cables are connected properly to the Pen Display and Laptop. After several weeks of trying to get the Kamvas to work, I was eventually told by a Huion representative that their device is not compatible with the Dell XPS 15, and to try to use a different laptop. I don't have another laptop. Huion has told me to return it to the seller, but I bought this through Amazon and unfortunately the return window has closed. Amazon won't accept the return.

  2. Victoria JB

    Tengo un problema con mi tablet huion Hs64. 

    Funcionaba bien en un PC antiguo con Windows 7. Recientemente compré un PC nuevo (con windows 10), y este no me reconoce la tablet. O sea, la puedo utilizar mediante Windows Ink, pero el programa HUION no me la reconoce. Siempre me muestra "Dispositivo desconectado". Por tanto, no puedo utilizar las teclas de la tablet, configurar la presión o usar los botones del lápiz. 

    Necesito una solución, estas que se muestran en el artículo las he probado todas y son inútiles. No puedo estar instalando la tablet desde 0 cada vez que encienda el PC, como comprenderéis. Espero vuestra respuesta, por favor.

  3. Heather Howard

    I see below that others have the exact same problem. I could just copy and paste the one from BB here.  Our Huion tablet ran on a PC 10 fine for 10 mos.  We switched to a new PC with Win10 and now it won't work.  I have done everything above and then some.  I was a professional computer tech at one point so I'm pretty tech saavy. We tried the tablet on two other PCs with Win10, tried different cords, did various driver uninstall/install etc.  Nothing.  We now have a glorified monitor.

    What is worse, after over a month of trying to get help from the service email (listed above), I'm in no better shape. In each email, they just tell me to do what is listed above or in other forums. One step is provided per email with a 3-5 day lag in response. I've had it.

    What a waste! 

  4. nico

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Windows user here. Windows 7. I was reaaaaaally down when i couldnt use it at all yesterday. Turns out i put the AAA batteru upside down. And it said disconnected. So i uninstalled and reinstalled (luckily no data loss after restarting my laptop) and it connected after driver installation!

  5. Byron Baker

    I have a Gt221pro hooked to a PC running Windows 10.  The tablet worked fine for a little over a year, then yesterday it no longer is seen by my PC as a drawing tablet.  The monitor works as a 2nd screen, but the driver software says "Device Disconnected".  I removed the driver, rebooted and installed new drivers.  Same issue.  Then I repeated and installed older drivers from the website, same issue.  I tried a new cable, different USB port, Windows updates, etc. etc.  I even hooked it up to my daughter's laptop, with the same problem.  Now I have an overpriced 22" monitor on my desk.  Has anyone found a solution, or am I stuck with a brick?  Sorry I am just super frustrated.

  6. Abe Kinney

     Hi,I was panicking because I saw no solutions but just fixed mine. My set up is a new Macbook Pro 16 running Catalina and a new Huion Kamvas 22 Pro. I hope this helps you:

    It seems that the Macbook has problems running the display and the pen at the same time. I had a Wacom years ago that was like this. I think this is related to the USB-C on the new Macs that require a dongle. **Both cables used below were the ones received with the tablet. 

    The fix: 

    Using a dongle hub (link to my dongle hub below) use 2 of the Huion cables - connect HDMI and USB and then the USB-C dongle to the Mac. I did not have to reinstall the drivers and verified I had Huion checked in accessibility check and Huion was there but TabletDriverAgent was not. I turned the monitor on and off and restart the Huion software. I started and restarted the software pen to the screen on the desktop and Photoshop - the pen worked but not pressure. I started and restarted the Huion program, checked connection and as soon as I touched BOTH sides of the pen (eraser last) the pop up saying TabletDriverAgent needed permissions. I opened accessibility and TabletDriverAgent was now there - I check it and immediately the pressure sensitivity now works. 

    * The directions are a bit sloppy because I don't know at what point after adding the 2nd cable (USB) to the set up it fixed the issue. It may have been restart the software, monitor or touching the pen to the table that made the Mac recognize the pens and add it to Accessibility. 

  7. Aaron Dewberry

    please fix your links. they are all broken

  8. Welcome Name

    Method 1, 2nd one helped me fix my Tablet, thank you so much :)

  9. Emilien Bezie

    impossible de connecter l'appareil, problème redondant pour pas mal de vos clients, merci du cadeau

  10. Omar Sassi

    Ho provato tutto. Ho anche instllato e disinstallato tutte le vecchie ogni volta che apro il programma huion tablet mi dà dispositivo disconnesso.