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What to Do If Your Huion Pen Display Shows A Black Screen or No Signal

Does your Huion Pen Display show a black screen or no signal when you turn it on? Don't worry, this article will direct you on what to do when you encounter such issues.


Situation 1. Pen display shows a black screen.

The pen display indicator does not light up and the pen display shows a black screen. When you encounter such a situation, please check:

  1. Whether the power cable is damaged or not. If the power cable is damaged, please change to another power cable.
  2. Whether all the cables are properly connected or not. If all the cables are connected correctly but the pen display still shows a black screen, this issue may be caused by the improper handling during transportation, and thereby some components may have been damaged. Please contact our customer service for further assistance.



Situation 2. Pen display shows no signal


The pen display indicator is red and when you turn it on, it shows NO SIGNAL or NO CABLE. When you come across this issue, please check the following to fix it:

  1. Please note that if you are using a desktop computer and have a separate or dedicated graphics card, please connect the video signal cable to the location of the separate or dedicated graphics card.
  2. Unplug and re-plug the VGA/DVI/HDMI/ 3-in-1 cable.
  3. Please check if there is a problem with the computer signal interface by using another cable or interface.
  4. If there are no other interfaces or cables available, please try on another computer.
  5. If you have used an adapter to connect the cable, please try with another adapter.


If all the above mentioned methods cannot fix your issue, please contact our  customer service for further assistance.

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  1. Ahsan Siddiqui

    For Windows users.

    I was having the same issue but I found out that my Wacom driver was interfering with the Huion driver. I had the Wacom driver installed for the 'Intous comic' for quick changes in my work, in that way I don't have to reconnect everything. I use a Huion Kamvas pro 13 and just after any reboot of my laptop (Hp 450 g4) the display would not be detected. I checked my port, I checked my display drivers, even my bios or firmware drivers, sometimes after I rollback the drivers that would work. But now I realize that once I did that huge update of my system, my Wacom driver won't kick in as quickly maybe as soon as my Huion's driver so it used to start displaying and working.

    So it's really important to remove your previous tablet drivers, yes yes I know I ignored that message it shows before you install your Huion drivers, but I needed my Wacom as well. It was working all fine at the start but it used to stop as soon as any windows update pop up.

    I found this issue as I kept an eye on the task manager processes when ever I connected my display port to the HDMI and then use the window display options to extend, duplicate etc. So the Wacom driver kept showing up first in my cpu process.

    Hope this helps anyone. 


  2. Raptor Bot

    happened to me, I shut down and restarted and then it worked

  3. Daniel Salazar valencia

    Buenos días, hace menos de un mes compre una huion pro 22, desde que la compre presenta pantalla negra después de un tiempo de uso                             hace 4 minutos, no son los cables, ni el cargador ni mi pc, lo he revisado todo, estaba grabando un directo en facebook, apareció pantalla negra, pero la imagen del directo siguió. este problema aparece después de ciertas horas de uso.                                        

  4. Brandon Lamb

    Just fixed it after reading this:


    Turn on and hold Control + Shift + Option

    My display now works on latest drivers on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

  5. Brandon Lamb

    Exact issue, and this was working fine on my mac a day ago. After updating driver, the device shows connected, the pen on the screen even works, but no display.

    This post at least helped in offering a new google search to try now, which will probably be "how to reset mac hdmi settings" or how to reset second monitor settings or some such.

  6. Jim Le

    This is Really Trash Advice. The problem for me is the tablet driver screw up with the HDMI settings. Had to uninstal the huion driver AND Factory reset. Absolute trash. Dont buy from Huion. 

  7. Oscar Blanco

    I have a KAMVAS GT-221 Pro.
    After only the third day of use, there is no video on the screen.
    The screen shows in the device manager, as well as in video settings.
    It shows normally in the Huion control panel, and I even tried the pen, and it opened an application when clicking at the bottom where the taskbar would be.
    Everything works except for it being completely BLACK.

    I purchased on Amazon, and they told me all they can do is an exception (because return cutoff was missed by just two days), and have me ship it back to them (I'm in Costa Rica), but I have to pay for that international shipping out of my own pocket. And have someone drop off the box at a UPS dropoff point (easier said than done). And of course, a refund will only cover the cost of the purchase, but I will lose the original shipping done by my freight forwarder and import taxes in my country, which is around $200.

    So this is a lose-lose situation. If I can find someone to help me with the drop-off, I will at least get SOME of my money back, but of course, no REPLACEMENT.

    I had a hard time deciding between Wacom and Huion. Mostly because with Wacom I know I get better quality, but Huion was about half the price.
    In the end, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
    In this case, a $490 (plus $200 shipping and tax charges) paperweight!

    What a piece of crap!!!! Do NOT buy Huion (for anyone reading this).

  8. Emanuel Giurgea

    I just got a new Kamvas pro 22, after one hour the display turned black. The pen works on the scree i just cant see anything .... Any idea if there is any thing that can be done or i need to return it ?

  9. Paolo

    Did not work for my Kamvas pro 13. Screen is just black but indicator is green. 



    Meine kamvas gt 156 hd habt eine vackelkontakt. was kann ics tun?