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Solutions for Huion Digital Pen is Not Working

When your Huion digital pen is not working, you can check the solutions listed below respectively to see if it can fix your pen.


For pen not working issue, first please confirm that the driver shows connected, otherwise please check How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows? or Solution to the Installation Problems under Mac Mojave to install the driver correctly.


Solutions for battery pen

  1. Check whether the pen has a battery.
  2. Check and see if you have turned on the power button before you start using the pen.
  3. Try to replace the battery with a new AAA battery.
  4. Please check if the battery is properly inserted inside the pen. Please note: The positive pole should be pointing to the same direction as the pen tip.
  5. If the shrapnel of the negative pole is out of place, as shown in the picture below,  you can fix it with a simple tool such as a nipper.


Solutions for rechargeable pen

  1. Please charge the pen and make sure that it is fully charged;
  2. If it still cannot be used after being fully charged, please try to use the pen with the charging cable connected;
  3. Please try changing to another USB cable or port;


Solutions for battery-free pen

Please change with a new pen nib.


After trying the above methods, if your battery/rechargeable/battery-free pen still won't work, then your battery/rechargeable/battery-free pen may be damaged. Please contact our customer service at for further assistance.

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  1. Mikaxhuu

    Olá, recentemente eu tinha comprado uma mesa digitalizadora Huion 420. No começo, eu tive problemas para instalar o driver, mas ja resolvi. Porém, eu fui testar a mesa e não funcionava. Eu liguei minha caneta, porém ela n mexia na tela, eu passava pela mesa e não acontecia nada. 

  2. Deniz Winck

    minha caneta Huion H1060P parou de funcionar de repente, o tablet reconhece como ligado, mas a caneta não esta respondendo direito trava o tempo todo, mesmo na calibração ela está travando, tenho a caneta a mais ou menos seis meses e agora não está funcionando.


    l recently installed my Kamvas 20 Pro (2019) onto my MacOD Catialina (10.15.6) less than a week ago.  Everything so far is going well except the pen will not stay in alignment after being calibration. I'm using the system with Adobe (Ps, LrC, etc.).  I want to enjoy the product, but this continued lack of calibration is a deal breaker.  Can someone please advise me how to correct this as I've found nothing on this site that addresses this.  If this is my new normal with this product, I need to return it now and exchange it for a Wacom.  

  4. Abe Kinney


    Hi, I was panicking because I saw no solutions but just fixed mine. My set up is a new Macbook Pro 16 running Catalina and a new Huion Kamvas 22 Pro. I hope this helps you:It seems that the Macbook has problems running the display and the pen at the same time. I had a Wacom years ago that was like this. I think this is related to the USB-C on the new Macs that require a dongle.

     **Both cables used below were the ones received with the tablet. 

    The fix: 

    Using a dongle hub (link to my dongle hub below) use 2 of the Huion cables - connect HDMI and USB and then the USB-C dongle to the Mac. I did not have to reinstall the drivers and verified I had Huion checked in accessibility check and Huion was there but TabletDriverAgent was not. I turned the monitor on and off and restart the Huion software. I started and restarted the software pen to the screen on the desktop and Photoshop - the pen worked but not pressure. I started and restarted the Huion program, checked connection and as soon as I touched BOTH sides of the pen (eraser last) the pop up saying TabletDriverAgent needed permissions. I opened accessibility and TabletDriverAgent was now there - I check it and immediately the pressure sensitivity now works. 

    * The directions are a bit sloppy because I don't know at what point after adding the 2nd cable (USB) to the set up it fixed the issue. It may have been restart the software, monitor or touching the pen to the table that made the Mac recognize the pens and add it to Accessibility.

  5. Shreyansh Rai

    my battery free pen of q11k v2 is not working, i tried changing the nib, the driver is fine too. it has barely been a year since i got it. please helm me with it.

  6. Deborah Warren

    My Kamvas GT-221 pro pens stopped working. They were both fine yesterday. I have two and neither of them work. I replaced nibs, nothing. The display device shows it is connected and my mouse registers, but the pens are not. I re-installed the drivers and re-started. I installed the new Huion firmware as well. I have no clue what is wrong. I am working on a big college project right now, and I cannot proceed without this issue resolved. Please help! 

  7. Keegan

    hello! so i own the huion kamvas 20. and after replacing the nib on the pen, the pen still does not work. is there something else im support to do? the pen works sometimes and then stops at points. it makes it really hard to draw.

  8. Maroua

    J'ai un stylo sans pile, j'ai essayé de changé la pointe mais en vain.

    Lorsque j'essaie sur tablette Androïd, le stylet fonctionne très bien mais lorsque je le met sur mac, il ne fonctionne plus. Je viens de le recevoir, au depart il fonctionnait très bien avant que j'installe le pilote, je n'ai mis aucune modification sur le pilote. Aidez moi s'il vous plait.

    la tablette fonctionne très bien lorsque je monte ou baisse le son, il s'agit seulement du stylo